Your Retailored Belt

Your unique Retailored belt has travelled many millions of miles before it begins its journey with you.   The perfect gift for everyone, the belt combines authentic, rugged utility with distinctive good looks. Every belt contributes to a sustainable environment: 100% made from re-used, repurposed and recycled materials.   

You can be sure of the highest standards of craftsmanship in our products. Each clasp is strong enough to protect the user in the event of a plane crash whilst the webbing is industrial strength, durable for many thousands of hours use.  

We work with a team of dedicated aircraft salvage operators to source high quality clasps and with a specialist in textiles who has produced a fantastic webbing, all from recycled cotton and polyester, to complete the belt.    

Your belt is easily adjustable  and once adjusted you won't need to adjust it again unless your waist size changes!  Click on the How to Adjust Your Belt link from the main menu for a short video which demonstrates the belt. 

All of our products are hand stitched in the UK and come with a certificate of authenticity.  This is your guarantee that the clasp is 100% authentic and tells you all about the origins of your belt: the plane it was salvaged from and fascinating facts about the aircraft's history.  This gives you an insight into your belt's life before it arrived with you.

We hope you agree that a Retailored Belt is a great gift for you or for someone you care about.  We love hearing about where our belts are adventuring now!